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How Half and Whole Beef Works

Buying half and whole beef is a great way to support local agriculture while saving money on meat!  We have listed some simple instructions below to get the process started.

Get in Touch With a Farmer

First things first you will need to get in touch with a local farmer who raises beef. Click the button to see what great local farmers we work with!

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Figure out what you want!

Our Cutting Orders are customizable!  It is important to do a little research into the cuts to know what to expect. Click the button below to see what options we have for you!

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How much room do I need?

You will be getting quite a bit of meat, so be sure to have plenty of freezer space. We vacuum seal and box up all of the product for you. We use 10x10x18 inch boxes. Typically 5-10 boxes for a half and 10-20 boxes for a whole. Here is a link to estimated yields for beef.

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Where do I get my Meat?

Depending on your farmer, you may be picking up the meat from us or your farmer. Be sure to clarify where you are picking up the product from! Click the button below for directions to us!

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