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Becoming a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) processing facility has been a long time in the making. In 2017, we started our business as a Louisiana Department of Agriculture (LDAF) processing facility in a small and compacted space located in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana.


We have always striven to provide farmers with tools for success. When we moved to Sibley, Louisiana in 2021, we gained some much needed space and from that point on, we were able to offer more products and services to our local farmers. Now, as of June of 2023, we are proud to officially be a USDA meat processing facility in Louisiana!


For us, a great aspect of being a USDA facility is that we will now have the ability to serve more people! We will be in a position to cater to not only the residents of Louisiana, but to the residents of other states as well! We will be providing a range of areas across the United States with high quality products while creating new relationships. Going USDA is also a huge deal for the farmers we collaborate with! Our farmers will now have the opportunity to sell their products across state lines. With a demand for beef products, this will set our farmers up for success. We have made a great deal of memories, friendships, and progress during our meat
processing journey these last couple of years. With this new status, we are incredibly excited for this opportunity and to see what the future holds. 


Butcher with Beef
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